Is the NRA a Terrorist Organization?

America Happens to have a gun problem. It’s time to address it.

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Mass Shootings

The day before the Orlando shooting took the lives of 50 innocent people and injured 49 more, 43 Americans were shot and killed, an additional 82 were injured; 20 of them were between 12-17 years old. The same day as the shooting 19 other Americans were murdered, 42 left injured.

In the span of two days 112 people lost their lives. 165 others suffered serious injury. There were 6 mass shootings.

This video by Vox does an excellent job putting the American crisis in context, but can be taken a step further. For starters, let’s look at the sheer number of firearm related homicides in the US compared to other developed nations

gun homicides per capita large


That’s roughly 9’500 Americans murdered. Nearly 52 times the number of people shot and killed in Canada, 62 times more than Germany and 171 times more than the Netherlands. And there’s a very simple explanation for why – America has too many guns.

guns per capita

At just 4.4% of the world’s population, America holds nearly half of all civilian owned guns in the world, an estimated 270,480,000 guns. That’s nearly 1 gun per person (.84 guns per American). If that doesn’t concern you, consider that nearly 62 million of those people are under the age of 15. In reality there are more civilian owned firearms in America than there are adults who can own them. Unsurprisingly, this transfers over into gun violence.


Watch America Happens Episode 1 to find out where some of these guns are coming from


Source – Vox

Gun ownership is directly related to gun related deaths, and when it comes to that America blows the rest of the developed world away. In fact the only way to compare America to the rest of the world is to include nations where tourists are recommended to hire bodyguards.


The land of the free. The home of the of slaughtered. In case this hasn’t been enough to show the severity of the gun violence in America check out this calendar, highlighting the dates mass shootings occurred.


127 Days without a mass shooting. 355 Mass shootings in total. More than one a day. Welcome to America. So how do we bring this back to atrocity committed in Orlando? By telling you that no matter how much you say this is the last time, it’s more than likely than likely nothing will be done. After Columbine and Sandy Hook America was unfathomably more in favor of protecting gun rights.

Gun views


America has a gun problem and mass shootings are only a part of it. Most gun fatalities are suicides.

What’s more concerning is that you see comments like this all the time


Mental health is a real concern in the United States, but if you want to make a serious change the first step is not psychotherapy and talking about the issue. The first step is taking away the leading cause of suicides.

fatal suicide attemptsNow the next critique is usually something like this “Well people will find other ways to kill themselves if we take away guns.” The only problem with that? It’s categorically untrue.


States with high rates of gun ownership see twice as many suicides as those with low gun ownership. There will be people that seek out other measures, but the vast majority of these suicides can be prevented. In the past two years there have been just mass shootings involving the death of at least three people (shooter included) that have been linked back to terrorism.



islamic killings

Source – Washington Post

There are countless more that are not linked to terrorism, but that have still taken the lives of hundreds of innocent Americans. Between 2002 and 2014 410,522 Americans died due to firearms related incidents.


America has a gun problem. It’s long overdue we solve it.


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For more on America’s gun problem check out America Happens Episode 1: The Gun Trains