Can Clinton Capture the Youth?

If the primary race has taught us anything this year, it’s that America happens to be divided. Not just by race, or gender, but by age. Matt Taibbi put out a great article in Rolling Stone magazine that you can read here about the wrong lessons that the Democratic Party will take from the Bernie/Hillary race, and among them is one over-arching point: America is divided by age.

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Demi Lovato endorses Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders captured the hearts and the votes of America’s youth, winning the under 30 vote 71% compared to Hillary’s 29%. But where Taibbi may be incorrect is his assumption that this will go unnoticed. It seems Hillary has already taken action, quickly hiring  Sanders top student organizer, Kunoor Ojha.

Ojha was a field organizer in Obama’s 2008 campaign and has done wonders for Sanders campaign, but can she have a similar effect on the Clinton campaign? She may have more to work with than she thinks. Here’s a poll from May run by the Gallop:



Somewhat surprisingly the biggest group Clinton needs to target are white-males, while she does very well with the black vote and about as well as Sanders with the hispanic vote. If Hillary can induce even a portion of the fervour caused by Sanders she could find herself well positioned when it comes to the under 30 vote.

So that’s the question then: Can Hillary change her perception among America’s youth? Does she have to, or will Trump do enough harm for his own image?