Is Google a Hillary Supporter?

In a video that’s been blowing up the Internet, the wonderful people over at Sourcefed discovered that Google may actually be a Hillary supporter. Yeah, that’s right, the world’s biggest search-engine may not be as impartial as we previously thought. Just check out this video;



So while they aren’t expressly saying this is done purposely, it certainly looks that way. Unfortunately for Sourcefed, they don’t have the same kind of inside access that the people over at Vox do. In an article they published titled “Hillary Clinton and Google Debunked they demonstrated that in-fact this wasn’t just something that applied just to Hillary.

“Choose any famous American who has been accused of a serious crime and Google their name followed by the letters ‘cri,’ and in no case does Google suggest the word ‘crimes.’ …Apparently, Google has a policy of not suggesting that customers do searches on people’s crimes”

They further proved this by providing the following screenshots:




So what’s all the fuss about then? Well how about this – the Vox article was posted on June 10th at 11:50 am ET. By 3:00 pm ET when you googled “Hillary Clinton Cri…” this is what came up on google:


clinton cri

But if you went back and googled that original Vox list, this is what comes up:


Clinton new google searches


It’s the exact same.

So what does this mean? Were Sourcefed right, or is this actually a Google policy that they changed specifically for Clinton after the video came out? More importantly, do you still trust Google?