Where do Sanders Supporters Turn?

Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders by 13% and according to Nate Silver “was never in real danger.”

It’s a fact that for many Sanders supporters is frustratingly accurate, so the question then becomes where do they turn next? Yesterday we released this article, asking the question “Should Bernie Sanders run as an independent candidate?” and it’s something that a large number of you supported – the poll linked has over 100’000 signatures in just two days. The problem isn’t the popular desire for Bernie to run as an independent, it’s Bernie’s. It’s long been known that the Vermont Senator has stated he will not be running as an independent, with fellow Senator Jeff Merkley stating in May:

“Bernie went into this and said, ‘There’s no way I’m going to be Ralph Nader. We’re not going to split the party or empower Republicans.”

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

Sanders supporters are six times more likely to vote Clinton than Trump if Bernie’s name is not on the ballot

So if Bernie is no longer an option what happens to the over 12 million Sanders supporters? Well according to a poll conducted by the Guardian, with Bernie on the ballot Trump won the election with 35% of the total vote, Hillary followed up with 32%, Sanders with 18% and libertarian Gary Johnson captured 4%, with 11% of voters either staying home or undecided. But when Bernie is taken out of the race, the Democrats surge forward, with Hillary capturing the White House. Without Sanders, Clinton took 39% of the vote, Trump 36%, Johnson 6%, and Jill Stein 4%, with the undecided or not voting count up to 14%.

According to their results of the original 18% voting for Sanders, once removed from the ballot 41% of them would shift to Clinton with just 7% choosing to support Trump.

So where do Sanders supporters turn? It would appear the majority will follow the messaging that Bernie has been speaking his entire campaign – anyone but Trump.